XVII Encuentros con Jóvenes Investigadores en Arqueología

The sparse glazed pottery

2017/05/10 Arianna Briano

Universitá degli studi di Siena

The aim of this research is to define the presence and the chronology of sparse glazed ceramic production centers in Tuscany. The previous findings of sparse glazed pottery in Tuscany and northern Italy are based on the study of a very small amount of fragments. As a first step of the project, the materials from the stratigraphic contexts of Donoratico castle will be analyzed, because the site returned an exceptional amount of this pottery. The second objective will be the study of the distribution of the sparse glazed pottery by typological and formal observations, associated with specific archaeometrical and comparative analysis of the doughs from sites in the Colline Metallifere and in other part of Tuscany. The analysis will be based on petrographic and chemical methods that will allow to identify groups of doughs from different productions. After that, the comparison will be expanded on the presence of the sparse glazed through comparative analysis between northern and central Italy. This research expects results especially for the ceramics classes with a sub-regional diffusion, as is shown in the only preliminary studies on sparse glazed, red painted and other glazed pottery. Finally, the diffusion and chronology of the sparse glazed will be placed within definite space-time coordinates, so to obtain precious data for the reconstruction of economic and social history.